Joker’s Gin is one of many gins distilled by The Gin Palace. Inspired by London’s old gin palaces and vintage playing cards, for which I created the company and unique spirit name that became the inspiration for the visual design. The label's composition is built using old ornamental letterpress graphics and a typical playing card joker. The gift pack comes with letterpressed coasters and a deck of playing cards which include drink recipes. 
B A C K S T O R Y :  The name The Gin Palace’s name derives from London’s gin palaces of the 1800’s which were present during the gin craze. Building off of the idea of palaces and royalty, I arrived at the name Joker’s Gin and used inspiration from vintage playing cards. 
Student Project at California College of the Arts, Fall 2012
instructor Tom Ingalls | class Advanced Packaging | photo credit Robert Cardellino + Ganesha Balunsat
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